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2007 - a look back

Everybody is doing Christmas letters. Driven by guilt pangs, I've decided to join the crowd. Not having children, there are fewer events to list here - no PTA meetings, youth baseball games, or, as many of my former classmates report (are we that old?), graduations, weddings, or grandchildren. If this is boring - too bad. Stop reading now. In January Anja & I celebrated our birthdays (inevitably, but as I always say, it beats the alternative). The winter of 2006-2007 saw very little snow, but we were able to spend the first week of February on our traditional winter vacation in Mittenwald, a beautiful town in the Bavarian Alps. Note: this photo is from 2005! This year we had the pleasure of having our nephew Randolf Carr spend the week with us. Randolf proved an accomplished and daring skier, and we very much enjoyed his company during the week. Too bad he doesn't have any winter vacation this year! There was just enough snow to ski, but this year we'll be spending ou